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Bright Covers...the Future is Bright!

Love your outdoor space with a permanent, translucent Bright Cover!

Bright Covers are the next generation of outdoor roof systems that add a practical, functional touch to any outdoor living space. The translucent polycarbonate panels allow natural light to transmit through the roof, illuminating the areas below and adjacent living spaces. Unlike other roof systems, the polycarbonate sheets let in safe filtered light, block harmful UV rays, reduce heat and solar transmission!

The structural aluminum frame keeps you safe from the elements, and is engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, hail and rain storms and extreme snow. Together, the polycarbonate panels with UV protective properties and powder coated aluminum frame with integrated gutter create a maintenance-free, translucent outdoor structure so that you can enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.

With a variety of standard, do-it-yourself (DIY) and custom products, Bright Covers transform areas into well-lit, healthy outdoor living spaces.

Ask us how our translucent roof systems, patio covers/deck roofs, awnings and commercial applications will enhance your outdoor space into a more functional, practical and protected area.

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