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BrightCovers™ commercial sun canopies, awnings, and shade products are the perfect addition to any outdoor project.
Custom-built for a variety of commercial building applications, the structural metal frame and translucent multi-wall polycarbonate panels provide the next-level of protection without sacrificing the illuminating effects of natural sunlight. With over 35 years experience in the metals industry, we are accustomed to design-build processes and will help meet your specific criteria and budget.

Engineered for wind and snow loads that meet local building codes, the system reflects heat and reduces solar transmission, blocks harmful UV rays and turns the covered area below into a safe, well-lit, and healthy environment. Built with an aluminum frame (and galvanized steel substructure as required), the system is aesthetically appealing, provides natural light, and will withstand the elements over time.

Each engineered outdoor roof system is custom fabricated to meet exact project specifications; our in-house design specialists and engineers will provide a detailed drawing for approval based the design and load criteria.

Whether you are searching for an entrance and walkway cover, window sunshade, or a commercial storefront awning, the future is here, and the future is Bright!

Perfect for a variety of settings & applications:

  • Playgrounds
  • Entranceways
  • Sunshades
  • Walkways
  • Bleacher Covers
  • Window Awnings
  • Stairwell Canopies
  • Commercial Awnings
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Courtyards
  • and much more!

Take a look at how light filters through the permanent system and creates a softly lit, healthy alternative to the traditional commercial awning, sun canopy, or sunshade. If you have ever owned or installed a canvas awning, you know how it turns the covered area (and adjacent living areas) into a cave and makes you think, “It’s clear and sunny outside, why am I sitting in the dark?” With the BrightCovers™ system, the sun’s natural light will permeate throughout, providing a healthy, comfortable, and refreshing outdoor living space.