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We believe you and your family deserve the best protection against weather’s harsh elements, without sacrificing the beauty of nature. BrightCovers™ Residential Patio Covers are affordable, durable, and engineered permanent structures made of light transmitting panels and a painted aluminum structure. Available in a variety of sizes, you can now cover your patio, deck, or outdoor living area without turning your adjacent kitchen, living room, or dining area into a dark area or bleaching out your carpets and window treatments.

There are many options available for residential patio and deck covers, however our product is the most reasonably priced, permanent solution of its kind on the market. The combination of natural light and complete protection from the elements (including harmful UV rays) at affordable pricing is unparalleled.

Our in-house technical staff and independent dealer-installers will help determine the best Patio Cover size, roof panels, and colors for your home, no matter where you live, transforming your backyard so you can enjoy the effects of natural light without worrying about harmful UV rays, rain, snow, or even hail.

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Panel Options: White or Green

All panels (white or green) block harmful UV rays, reflect heat, and transmit natural light into your patio, deck, or covered outdoor area and come with a Limited lifetime written warranty.

Depending upon your house’s current aesthetic and configuration, you may choose to go with a more translucent, green-tinted panel or the opaque, traditional, white panel. The green panels are more translucent, and thus allow more natural light to pass through the system. The white panels offer greater heat reflection and less solar transmission, but also allow less natural light through the cover.

Aluminum Frame Colors: White, Bronze, Desert Sand (Beige) & Custom Powder Coat Colors

BrightCovers™ Residential Patio Covers come with white, bronze or desert sand (beige) painted aluminum frame. While many houses have white-framed windows and doors, the traditional white aluminum Bright Covers system (with either white or green panels) matches quite well with many homes throughout the United States. If white, bronze or desert sand does not fit your palette we do offer custom powder coat colors.